Styrkur frá Strönd

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Styrkur frá Strönd IS2005180614
Rauðblesóttur/Chestnut w Blaze

 -Competition horse-
Ready on the track!

We tried the pace few times earlyer, but last year he has been ridden as 4 gaiter until lately.
F. Þrymur frá Álfhólum
Ff. Glampi frá Vatnsleysu     
Fm. Salka frá Álfhólum
M. Halta-Blesa frá Strönd
Mff. Kjarval frá Sauðárkróki    

Styrkur is now ready on the track for ambitious rider, either for experied young rider or older.  

He did compeat twice in tölt last winter with rider who had no experience with competition and was in final both times!

 Styrkur has usually only been ridden as a 4 gaiter, but he has very nice pace that can be used as well and though he has never compet in 5 gait he could be very interesting project for riders who want 5 gaiter and with expirent rider I beiive he can go pretty high in 5 gait.  Check out the new video below, there Styrkur is ridden on a snafflebit and is tried on pace for the first times for long time!

Styrkur has well separated gaits and is easy to control between them. And he is secure and doesn´t run from one gait to another.  And he relax on walk when asked for.

He has forward thinking temperament, and is good to handle in all way, easy to catch and very lovely to be around, stand still when you go on him and so on....

Styrkur is very well educated in all kind of dressage and it is really fun to work with him in ridinghall, he is so soft and flexible. He can be a grate teacher for one who wants to learn more about riding.

Styrkur is very handsome horse, big with high neck, with strong legs and hoofs.

I thougt that Styrkur´s strenght lies best in fourgait and T2, but after I started to ride him again and tried out his pace, I think he will be exellent horse in 5 gait for a rider with some expirience. Please check out the 2 new video here below and see how grate he looks now in his summercoat!  Sara Rut rides him as 4 gaiter with icelandic bit.  I (Sara Astþors)  ride him with snaffle bit as 5 gaiter!

Flettingar í dag: 418
Gestir í dag: 134
Flettingar í gær: 1245
Gestir í gær: 284
Samtals flettingar: 1100262
Samtals gestir: 67796
Tölur uppfærðar: 20.6.2024 10:59:48

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