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Nói frá Álfhólum  IS2006184673 
Brúnstjörnóttur Black with star

Refur Nói´s brother from mother side.

F. Víkingur frá Voðmúlastöðum (8.35,10 for tölt)
M. Nótt frá Álfhólum  

Nói is nice and sweet family horse for sale, easy to ride for most people.  Four gaited with natur tölt and soft clear beated trot. Good gallop and walk.  Simple to control and has positive mind to go ewerywhere rider ask for.  

Nói is growing horse and can still develop much in gaits, spesially on tölt.  He has good movement in all gaits and doesn´t goes faster than his rider wants.

Nói is big horse, around 144 stockmass! He is strongly built with very good feet and hoofs.  His back is thick and muscled.

Really easy and trustful horse in all ways, either when you handle him or ride him.  He is calm to be around and it is not easy to get him out of balans, so you can be safe though your kids are running around him.

Nói is one of last offspring from the amazing tölter Víkingur.  His offspring have been very popular as ridinghorses cause of gaits and character.

Nói´s mother has also giving nice offspring like my wonderful gelding Refur I had few years ago.

Priceclass B

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Ímynd frá Álfhólum IS2004284671 

 Good looking 5 gait mare



F. Flugar frá Barkastöðum (8.42)
M. Ísold frá Álfhólum (7.57)

Ímynd is powerful young five gaited mare which can do good both in five gait and breeding show with more training.  

She is a charming mare which catch your eye when you see her.  Her head is very pretty and she is big with long legs and good neck. 
Her colour is also beautiful,
chestnut is usually not my favourite colour but on her it looks really nice, soo dark and give her special look.

She has nice movements and quite good speed in all gaits and her pace is very promising.
Ímynd is safe to ride but has lot of temper so therefor I recommend her for experiment riders.

Ísold mother of Ímynd hasn´t high score in breeding show, but although she had 8,5 for form under rider and did often do good in competition in Iceland, was 2 times in Landsmót with Young rider.  

Her first offspring, Diljá is 1st priced mare with 8.11 total score.
Ímynd is her second offspring which is trained.
Attention foreign customers:
 It is possible to have Ímynd on Iceland until next summer and cover her with a stallion of your own choose.

Head 8.5
Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8
Back and Croup 8
Proportions 8.5
Legs (quality) 7.5
Legs (joints) 7
Hooves 7.5
Mane and Tail 7.5
Conformation 7.89

Blub 106

Priceclass B





















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