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Tindur frá Álfhólum
Born 2011
Really tall and pretty gelding with long well placed neck and good potentional to become a succsessful competition horse.  Open 4 gaiter with grate character and easy to control for all kind of riders.

Priceclass C 

Ylur frá Álfhólum
Dark chestnut with silver mane.
Born 2009
  F. Kaspar frá Kommu (8.40)
M. Ylfa frá Álfhólum (7.93)

Ylur is good 4 gaiter with easy tölt and good quality in all gaits.  Promising competition horse for good young rider or easier class.  Also grate riding horse, willningful and controllable.  


Mökkur frá Álfhólum
Born 2004
F. Tígur frá Álfhólum
M. Mær frá Álfhólum

 Very nice competition horse for 4 gait. Would fit really well for ambitious young riders.  Mökkur has strong ground gates, but good and fast tölt as well, and was in finals in a tölt competition in beginning of February. 
Video made in January 2016

Video since competition Feb. 2016 with youth rider Alexandra Wallen.


Húmor frá Kanastöðum
Born 2007
F. Bragi frá Kópavogi (8.31)
M. Píla frá Kanastöðum (7.79)
Mf. Askur frá Kanastöðum (8.44)

Poverful 5 gaiter with grate gaits  for 
ambitious riders!

Video Here
Video is taken just after one month in training with Sara...( he was in a long brake before cause of his former trainer accident)
He is still in training with Sara who will hopefully start compete with him if he will still be around in spring.
For further information contact [email protected]

Priceclass E 

                   Kjarval frá Álfhólum
    Born 2009

Very big and well built 4 gaiter for completition and riding. 
Good speed range and movements in tölt and trot.

Priceclass C

Snáði frá Álfhólum
Born 2009


Very sweet and easy riding horse.

 Video Here

Priceclass B


Sprengigígur frá Álfhólum
Born 2007

Amazing fivegaiter for Masterclass!

Click photo for more info!


Hlynur frá Álfhólum 
Born 2004


Talented 4 gaiter with all gaits very good.
 High movements and very safe to ride.
 Perfect character. Rather small horse.  

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Styrkur frá Strönd
Born 2005

5 gaiter/ Nature Tölter!

Competition horse- Ready for the track!
Soft and selfcarring on tölt!
Grandson of Glampi from Vatnsleysa!
Horse to use both in 5 gait and 4 gait.

As 4 gaiter Here
As 5 gaiter Here NEW!!


Brútus frá Stærri-Bæ
Born 2005


Very easy 5 gaiter for all riders
-All gaits good-
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Hugur frá Grímstöðum
Born 2008


Very promising young 4 gaiter with nice character, high movements and good gates!

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Ísak frá Jaðri 
Born 2003 




Máttarbaugur frá Álfhólum
Born 2008

Silverdapple Stallion 
Very nice character 
Fair price
























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